The 48 hour challenge

How it works

It's A Weekend Of Adrenaline, Fun And Creativity!

The 48 Hour Film challenge is really quite simple. It is a test of you and your team's ability to work together and make a movie in only 48 hours. The sense of accomplishment is tremendous - and shortlisted films will be shown at The Thames Con Film Festival on Sunday 28th April. 

But its not that simple.. You MUST incorporate 3 specific elements into your Film; A prop, a line of dialogue, and a character. We will give you those 3 elements when the challenge kicks off then you and your team  have just 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and submit your films. This is open to all, pros to amateurs with no age limit. 

Required Line

The required line of dialogue must be heard or seen - it may be written. It may be in a foreign language; however if it is not clear that this is the required line, it should be translated.

Required Action

The required action must be obvious. 

Required Prop

The required prop must be seen, and it should be used in your film in some way.

Elements in credits do not count 

Your film must not contain any swearing or Nudity 

Films received after the deadline will not be entered into the competition. 

For full rules click here

Dates for your diary

5th February: Entry forms available. To enter the Challenge you must fill out an entry form and email it to 

31st March: Entry submission closes. 

5th April: The Challenge begins! At 7.30pm we will announce the 3 prompts. At 8pm the 48 hour challenge begins. 

7th April: You must submit your film no later than 9pm on this date. 

21st April: shortlisted finalists will be announced on Facebook, website and by email.

28th April: Film Festival & Awards Ceremony.

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