Customer reviews

Matt Mitchell reviewed Thames Con - 5 Stars

'Great day, thanks for organising everything. Hope you're back next year'

Angela Perks reviewed Thames Con - 5 stars

'Had a great day. Thanks. Enjoyed talking to all the guests. Well done'

Matt Foster reviewed Thames Con - 5 stars 

'Amazing event, hoping it returns next year' 

Sara Elliott reviewed Thames Con - 5 stars 

'As a member of the production crew I enjoyed the day was good to see faces I recognised'

Victoria Webster reviewed Thames Con - 5 stars 

'Excellent first time con with a relaxed atmosphere & a variety of events &classes you don’t see elsewhere. Enough to keep everyone engaged for the day, the outside area was lovely! Staff attitude was excellent, the guests were chilled. Hopefully it’ll be back next year!'

Jessica Chapman reviewed Thames Con - 5 stars 

'Thank you Thames Con team for a fantastic day out. The only real issue was lack of signs, but the attitude of the crew members when asking question and asking for directions was brilliant. Everyone was really helpful. Prices of guests and photoshoots were very reasonable and the photoshoot sessions were run really well. There was brilliant variety of traders too which is very refreshing from other similar events I have been too. It was a shame that Miltos had to cancel, but guests cancelling is always a risk at these events and again this was well handled. I hope that Thames Con will be back next year!'



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