Dark Crystal Celebration Special with Hugh Spight & Louise Gold

Dark Crystal & Muppets fans, have we got a treat for you! Hugh and Louise both worked on the original Dark Crystal as Puppeteers and choreographers and Louise is currently working on Age of Resistance. 

In this 90-minute special you will have a chance to show off your own Dark Crystal goodies, hear all about how Hugh and Louise came to work for the Henson company, see behind the scenes images and hear all about the making of the Dark Crystal. 

This will be followed by a short puppeteering masterclass where Louise will show us some of the tricks of the trade with one of her own puppets and willing audience members will be selected to have a go. 

This will then be wrapped up by a Q & A session. As an extra treat, we will also be displaying a small Henson exhibition with original pieces such as puppets, original scripts and story boards. 

Workshop run time approximately: 90 minutes. 70 spaces available. Buy now


Robert Watts 'Producing Movies' Talk

Robert Watts will be telling us all about what its like to produce some of the biggest most well known movies of ALL time including Star wars, Indiana Jones and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. We will learn what it takes to pull together these epic projects and how Robert came to work with some of the most talented Directors in the industry.  Robert will also be and taking questions from the audience. 

This talk is included in the entry ticket price. No need to book.