Dark Crystal Celebration Special with Hugh Spight & Louise Gold (World First)

Dark Crystal & Muppets fans, have we got a treat for you! Hugh and Louise both worked on the original Dark Crystal as Puppeteers and choreographers and Louise has just finished working on Age of Resistance. 

In this 90-minute special you will have a chance to show off your own Dark Crystal goodies, hear all about how Hugh and Louise came to work for the Henson company, see behind the scenes images and hear all about the making of the Dark Crystal & other Muppets projects. 

This will be followed by a puppeteering masterclass where Louise will show us some of the tricks of the trade with one of her own puppets and willing audience members will be get to have a go using the same techniques as they do on the Films!


This will then be wrapped up by a Q & A session. As an extra treat, we will also be displaying a an impressive Henson exhibition with original pieces such as puppets, original scripts and story boards. 

This will be Louise' very first convention appearance so make sure to give her a warm welcome :) 

70 spaces available Buy now

Evil Cyborg Sea Monsters

Comedian & cartoonist Mike Capozzola's multimedia comedy show about superheroes, sci-fi, and monsters comes to Thames Con all the way from LA.

If you're a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman, Spiderman, Game of Thrones & time travel, then fly, beam or conjure yourself down to this show where Nerd culture is reverently mocked and dissected.
AGES 12+ please.



The Game Lab Escape Room

Introducing the Game Lab Escape room!

'Invasion' is the labs inaugural game and features a series of puzzles ranging in difficulty so everyone gets a chance to shine!

Will you be able to shut down the mystery device to prevent the bad guys from obtaining world domination?

Time is ticking and the enemy is closing in, your country needs you!

Thames Con Price just £25.00 for a group of 4. Book your slot here:



Making Movies


An exciting insight into the biggest movies of ALL time including Star wars, Indiana Jones & Back to the Future. With  Bill Hargreaves and Robert Widin aka Dangerous BoB. 

For the Throne


 Ross Mullan & Clive Mantle  will share some insight into what its like to work on the most popular show ever made.

War in the Stars


A good old fashion panel talk with our Star Wars special guests. We will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace with Jerome St John Blake, who may even treat us to a song! 

The best Job I ever had


Mark Billingham tells us all about how he went from playing lovable henchman Gary in Maid Marian & Her Merry Men, to becoming a best selling author and forming a band!  

Adventures of Major Jack Union & Morning Wood


Author Kit Cox invites you to hear about the adventures of his wonderful characters and will be giving valuable tips on how to become an author yourself. 

Cosplay Accessories


Cosplayer Jeff Cummings will be explaining how to make costume props & accessories on a budget. He will have a selection of things he has made to show the audience.